Our Team

Most of our clients would describe as our therapists "A great hand, with great service in a man's environment."

*Please understand that we aren't allowed to show any pictures of our therapists due to the Government Policy.

Rain (27) 178 cm 79 kg : (Full -Time)
A decent young cute boy with handsome face,with good skin. ONE of the most popular therapies  in our spa who is a kindly and very friendly guy. Enthusiastic and have superb massage skills.

Hoong(30++) 163cm 62kg:( Full-Time)

A mature and professional therapist, experienced in all type of massage. Good skill, approachable and outgoing personality.

Feng (29+) 163 cm 61 kg : (Full-Time)

He will simply relax, unwind and rejuvenate you from head to toe, both physically and mentally. He looks good, don't look at his short stature, his massage strength is also very good

Jack (30+) 178 cm 78 kg : (Part-Time)

Working hours every day 7pm to 10:30pm last appointment

Sky (35+) 175 cm 68 kg : (Part-Time)

Working hours every day 2pm to 9:30pm last appointment